About Big Daddy Publishers

Big Daddy Publishers publishes what you want to read.  The days are past when someone has to line up with his or her hat in his hand and beg one of the elite, stuffy, and off-putting publishing houses out of New York City to consider publishing his or her work — and then only after the publisher has made the writer gut the message of what he or she is trying to convey.  The publishing world is much more egalitarian these days — and all for the better.  The internet and digital type has revolutionized the publishing industry.  Now what matters is the quality of what is written and the desire of readers to read it!

In the honor of Tyndall McPherson (“Big Daddy” and “Hap”) Frazier, Big Daddy Publishers publishes the most poignant works for the public, works which will make you  guffaw with tears or simply cry with sadness.  If the written word leaves the readers flat, then Big Daddy Publishers doesn’t want to publish it.  But, if it grabs the readers and tugs at his or her heart chords, then this is the type of work that Big Daddy Publishers publishes.

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